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The event is a chance for veterans and active military to spend a weekend in the Lake Tahoe area. This is an opportunity for those who have served to reconnect with fellow vets from past and present conflicts. The event is designed to provide an opportunity to reconnect with first responders and rehabilitation personnel from your past in a healthy and supportive place far from the battlefield.

The mountains of the Lake Tahoe area are full of beauty that can help heal the body and spirit. There will be multiple venues for those who come to enjoy this wonderful place.

  • Free lift tickets will be offered at Sierra at Tahoe resort for all veterans or active military with ID or some kind.
  • Limited free lift tickets are available for veteran families on an individual basis. Contact event organizer Jim Cahill at jimcskiguy@gmail.com for more information.
  • Strawberry Lodge is offering discounted room rates Friday and Saturday nights
  • Snowshoeing and snow play areas at Sierra at Tahoe will also be available to families of the attendees.
  • Discount snowmobile tours and rentals from Lake Tahoe Adventures

You will be required to present your active military ID or if you are a veteran,You will need to present your California drivers license with veterans designation, DD 214, military ID or a Veterans Administration ID to validate your veteran status.
For details on these activities and instructions for signing up click here.

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Help Support Challenged Athletes

This event is also a fundraiser for Challenged Athletes Foundation and Operation Rebound. The donations will be used to provide adaptive rehabilitative activities for wounded vets and first responders who have been seriously injured in the line of duty.

Over the last 5 years Operation Rebound has given $85,000 to support winter sports for their athletes. Your donation will continue to expand this effort to bring athletes to the mountains for competition.

The organizer and sponsors of this event would appreciate you considering making a donation to Operation Rebound by clicking here.

Donate $50 to enter the race. Email the organizer Jim at jimcskiguy@gmail.com proof of your donation, and he will provide you with further details about the race.



Help support wounded vets and first responders who have been seriously injured in the line of duty.