About Operation Rebound

From Frontline to Finishline

OperationRebound_LogoOperation Rebound provides unparalleled sports opportunities and support to our troops and veterans of any branch of service and first responders who have served honorably and have suffered permanent physical injuries.

CAF established Operation Rebound in 2004 as a valuable resource for service members and veterans who suffered permanent physical injuries in the current conflicts.

In June 2008, CAF extended the program to recognize the sacrifices of military veterans past and present as well as those of first responders such as law enforcement and firefighters who were the first to respond to the September 11, 2001 attacks on our nation. Contributions now support all who have protected our freedom from military veterans of past eras to first responders who risk their lives daily to ensure the security of our homeland. CAF Operation Rebound is proud to support all who have served.

We thank Operation Rebound making this great event possible!

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Operation Rebound Success Story – Joel Hunt

“In 2007 I was in a wheelchair and on 15 different medications for
injuries I sustained in Iraq. Today, because of Operation Rebound, I
am out of my chair, use just 3 medications and ski regularly.
Operation Rebound doesn’t just make dreams come true, it’s been a
critical part of my rehabilitation.”
– Joel Hunt

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Donate $50 to enter the race. Email the organizer Jim at jimcskiguy@gmail.com proof of your donation, and he will provide you with further details about the race.



Help support wounded vets and first responders who have been seriously injured in the line of duty.